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Dutch treeguide at bomengids.nl: Links to all species and families covered at this site.

First all links ordered by tree-genus.

Systematics see for instance all Oaks as the Genus of Oaks and only the level above that the family. (Bushes, unknown and gymnosperms (non-leaf-trees) are not really a genus at all of course. Here a page with all species alfabetically ordered.

Alder genus or Alnus (Betulaceae or Birchfamily) | Italia alder or Alnus cordata | Speckled alder or Alnus incana | JapaneseXKaukasian alder or Alnus speathii | Common (also Black or European)alder or Alnus glutinosa Speckled alder

Ash genus or Fraxinus (Oleaceae of Olivefamily) | Common ash or Fraxinus excelsior | Mannah ash (flowering ash) or Fraxinus ornus | Narrow leaved ash | Green_ash

Birch genus or Betula (Betulaceae of Birchfamily) | Paperbirch or Betula papyrifera | European white birch or Betula pendula | Downy birch or Betula pubescens | River birch or Betula nigra | Betula_ermanii

Bushes/ shrubs | European filbert or Corylus avellana (Corylaceae of Filbertfamily) | European mountainash or Sorbus aucuparia (Rosaceae of Rosefamilie) | oneseed hawthorn or Crataegus monogyna (Rosaceae of Rosefamilie) | English hawthorn or Crataegus laevigata | Black elderberry or Sambucus nigra (Caprifoliaceae) | Bay laurel | Rododendron | Smooth sumac | Staghorn sumac | Holly

Cherry genus or Prunus (Rosaceae or Rosefamily) | Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra' | Sweet cherry or Prunus avium | Plum | Wild cherry | Cherry laurel | European bird cherry | Sour cherry

Elm genus or Ulmus (Ulmaceae of Elmfamilie) | Golden elm or Ulmus hollandica (x) 'Wredei | English elm | Scots elm | Dutch elm or Ulmus hollandica

Linden genus or Tilia (Tiliaceae or Lindenfamily) | Silver linden or Tilia tomentosa | Bigleaf linden or Tilia platyphyllos | Dutch Linden Tilia x vulgaris Tilia europaea

Maple genus or Acer (Aceraceae of Maplefamily) | Japanese maple or Acer palmatum | Sycamore maple or Acer pseudoplatanus | Norway maple or Acer platanoides | Hedge maple | Silver maple | Boxelder | Snakebark_maple | Cappadocian_maple | Fernleaf_maple

Softwoods: Pines
In the woods:
Scots_pine Pinus_sylvestris | Austrian_pine Pinus_nigra | Maritime_pine Pinus_pinaster
In gardens and parks:
Mountain_pine | White_pine | Himalayan_pine | Jeffrey_pine | Japanese_white_pine | Balkan_pine

Softwoods: Spruces | Norway_spruce Picea_abies | Serbian_spruce Picea_omorika | Blue_spruce Picea_pungens | Kaukasische_spar | Sitkaspar | Zwarte_spar (exoot)

Softwoods: Fir-trees | Douglas_fir | Eastern_hemlock | Western_Hemlock | Mountain_hemlock | Silver_fir Abies_alba | White_fir Abies_concolor | Korean_fir Abies_koreana | Nordmann_fir_Caucasian_fir Abies_nordmanniana | Veitch_fir Abies_veitchii
| Nikko_fir | Spanish_fir | Noble_fir | Siberian_fir (foreign)

Softwoods: Cedars | Atlas_cedar | Deodara_cedar | cedar_of_Lebanon

Softwoods: Cypresses | Italian_cypress | Eastern_arborvitae | Oriental_arborvitae | Giant_arborvitae | Port-Orford_cedar | Nootka_falsecypress | Hiba_arborvitae | Incense_ceder

Softwoods: Sequoia's | Metasequoia glyptostroboides | Baldcypress | Japanese_cedar Cryptomeria_japonica | Giant_sequoia Sequoiadendron_giganteum | Sequoia_sempervirens

Softwoods not belonging to the above families Other softwoods | European larch or Larix decidua (Pinaceae of Pinefamily) | English yew or Taxus baccata (Taxaceae) | Monkey puzzle tree or Araucaria araucana | Japanese_umbrella-pine

Oak genus or Quercus (Fagaceae of Beechfamily) | Red oak or Quercus rubra | English oak or Quercus robur | Sessile oak | Pin oak | Scharlet oak

Pea family or Leguminosa or Fabaceae | Black locust or Robinia pseudoacacia | Honeylocust or Gleditsia triacanthos | Golden chain tree | Japanese scolartree or Saphora japonica

Planetree genus or Platanus (Platanaceae or Planetreefamily | London planetree or Platanus hybrida | Oriental planetree or Platanus orientalis

Poplar genus or Populus (Salicaceae of Willowfamily) | Balsam poplar or Populus_balsamifera | Grey poplar or Populus canascens | European white poploar or Populus alba | Carolina poplar or Populus x canadensis | Eastern cottonwood (poplar) or Populus deltoides | Lombardy poplar or Populus nigra Italica | Aspen or Populus tremula

Willow genus or Salix (Salicaceae or Willowfamily) | Unknown willow or Salix spec. | White willow or Salix alba | Corkscrew willow or Salix matsudana tortuosa | Unknown willow or Salix spec. | Weaping willow or Salix x sepulcralis of babylonica x alba | Laurelwillow

Trees not grouped in a clear genus:


Apple or Malus sylvestris | Whitebeam | Mountain ash

Fagaceae of Beechfamily:

European beech or Fagus sylvatica | Copper beech or red Beech | Sweet chestnut or Castanea sativa

Hippocastanaceae of Horsechestnutfamily :

Horse chestnut or Aesculus hippocastanum | Red horsechestnut or Aesculus x carnea = A. hippocastanum x pavia

Juglandaceae or Walnutfamily :

Caucasian wingnutor Pterocarya fraxinifolia | Common walnut or Juglans regia

Portugese trees

Lemon | Grapfruit | Orange | Eucalyptus | Pomegranate | Olive | River she-oak | Common fig

Filbert genus or Corylaceae:

Turkish filbert or Corylus colurna. | Giant filbert or Corylus maxima | European hornbeam or Musclewood/ironwood or Carpinus betulus | Hop Hornbeam

Only tree in the family:

Pear | Sweetgum or Liquidambar styraciflua (sweetgum) | Southern catalpa or Catalpa bignonioides | Katsura tree or Cercidiphyllum japonicum | Tuliptree or Liriodendron tulipifera | Ginko | Empress tree | Magnolia | Magnolia_kobus | Umbrella Magnolia | Southern Magnolia | Amur_corktree Phellodendron_amurense Amur_corktree

Unknown trees I photographed: (please help to identify!)

Unknown trees.

Paperbirch or Betula papyrifera

Species I do not have pictures of or that I have not yet identified in the field: (help me (to get photographs you have taken yourself of these species!)

Oriental Beech or Fagus Orientalis (like Beech but fruit with broader hair-basis, venation somewhat hairy)
Turkey oak or Quercus cerris

Littleleaf linden or Tilia cordata

Elm familily:
Europeam white elm or Ulmus laevis
Caucasian Zelkova or Zelkova carpinifolia

American poplar or Populus nigra
Violet willow or Salix daphnoides; Purple willow or Salix purpurea; Osier or Salix viminalis; Hoary willow or Salix eleagnos; Pussy-willow or Salix caprea

Quince or Cydonia oblonga
Medieval medlar or Mespilus germanica
Service tree or Sorbus domestica

Maplefamily :
Cappadocium Maple or Acer cappadocium
Sugar maple, Hard maple or Acer sacharum
Acer heldrechii
Montpelier maple or Acer monspessulanum

Southern magnolia, Bull bay or Magnolia grandiflora

Black mulberry or Morus nigra

Pea family:
St. John's Bread Carob or Ceratonia siliqua
Kentucky coffeetree or Gymnocladus dioicus
Silver wattle or Acacia dealbata

Quassia family (Simaroubaceae):
Tree heaven or Ailanthus altissima

Heathfamily (Ericaceae):
Strawberry tree or Arbutus unedo