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Dutch treeguide at Bomengids.nl: About this Dutch treeguide.

This site has been made by me, Hans-Cees Speel, in my spare time. Because I found it strange it did not exist yet: anyone can get a digital camara these days, and by adsl it is easy to host your own web-sites.
I am a graduated biologist and ecologist of the Katholic university Nijmegen. I work in the computer-security business with Tunix in Nijmegen, the netherlands.
Having lived for eight years in The Hague, which is mostly devoid of nature with trees, I was delighted to come and live again in Nijmegen, which lies between and on hills with woods. The woods go all the way into Germany and are vast as far as Dutch woods are vast.

The making of the site cost me many months and swet. I hope people can support me. I am looking for a sponsor that can give web-space with decent connection speed. I am also looking for people to help with figuring out what species specific trees belong to.
Furthermore I offer this site on cd or dvd for schools and others who'd like that. Not for profit but for education.

The ideas behind the logical design of the site are here. Cheers,