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What tree is it a collection of tree resources.
Ecoearth.info, Environment Portal & Search Engine

- Good Dutch startpage for trees.

- Neat site where you can find special trees in your Dutch town of choice:boombastik

- World-coverage of trees on this Spanish site with Latin naming. Some very unknown species. I was able to find many MIMOSACEAE (leguminosa or pea-plants) here.

- American site of the NC state University with many decent pics of a good load of tree species. Also on this site a list of species with Latin names and English names (American rather).
- The Dendrology homepage at Virginia Tech with again many good pics of many hard- and soft-woods or pines and so on.
- English site botanical.com with descriptions of many plants and trees: their use and so on. Alphabetical in English.
- www.british-trees.com with, surprisingly, British trees. Most species are also Dutch trees. Good descriptions per species.

Recognizing trees in Dutch.

- Here or here Tree-foundation Zutphen

- Hardwoods on the site of Dutch" garden or Neerlands tuin
This site on the crafting of several kinds of wood with nice photos including some with a cross-section of timber/wood.

- Dutch tree site featuring a limited number of tree-species, but a very cool flash-type of leaf-key.

- Plantspecies from the de nature-calender or natuurkalender

- Dutch plant-guide or plantengids with many tree-species and cultivars www.tuinkrant.com

- Site on the Ash and thick old trees by Gerdien on hetnet

American trees

- Recognize them by leaf, fruit, name or Latin name.

- American site with many rather decent photos of a lot of tree-species. Also here a list of Latin names and American names of tree species..

- American site with again many photos or hard and soft wood tree species or pines and so on.

- American site with search engine where you can search on names. With some effort you can find photographs as well.

- Mny photographs on a page, American site with trees and flowers.

- 3264 images, 1630 plants (as of May 18, 2003) many trees and plants on this hort.net site.

Non-American sites.

- Site in English but following Latin names you can find photos and descriptions of trees and plants.

- Swedish site with Latin and Danisch names and pics of mostly leafs.

- Leaf pics of many plants amongst which some trees on
this Italian site.
- http://www.arbolesornamentales.com/Casuarinacunninghamiana.htm or she oak
- Historical pdf that describes Austrian treespecies.

Systematics (what tree species are related and so on)

- Systematics tree database

- Latin names of many plant families with woody members on www.treeguide.com.

Keys or search-keys

- Leaf key: of American leafs.
- American twig key.

- Good pics of trees here , with leaf key.

- Poplar. key

- Willow key


- on logivert.com.
- here sorted per letter by Latin names.
- Cultivarlist with many latin cultivar-names nicked by me.

- List of trees and cultivarsin het Latin and Dutch. Watch out, almost 1 mb in size.

- Esveld tree-nursery with many tree-pics.

- Cultivarlist in Latin and Dutch

- Cultivar list with some tree-species form-descriptions with some vague pics of young trees.

- Dutch plant guide with many cultivar trees.