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This is the page featuring a single species. Photographs are presented per individual to make it possible to asses how much variation is possible between individuals within the species.

All photographs of Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina)

For determination details go to the main-key and the all species page. Recognizing trees of this species is a bit hard.
A tree expert lets me know that the foto's below are of a cultivar: "probably Rhus typhina 'Laciniata' with very deeply devided sub-leafs.

summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6075.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6076.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6077.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6078blad.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6079.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6080klein.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6081.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6082.jpg summer photograph Fluweelboom__Rhus_typhina__Staghorn_sumacimg_6083fruit.jpg

Winter photo's of bark and buds, if available.

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Spring photo's, if available.

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