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The Cedar-genus (Cedrus)

What kind of Cedar species are you dealing with.

There are two Cedar species common in gardens in the Netherlands: Deodara cedar and the Atlas cedar. The cedar of lebanon is so rear you have to look for it. Ceders are often found in gardens: they are quite popular and sometimes mistaken for Larch. Needles are in bunches on short twigs and alone on longer twigs. They bloom in the authumn (September) and shed their cones and seeds in the spring. Cones are like small bee-heaves.
bloemen Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3779.jpg Flowers in authumn are less big and like candles to small peer-shaped bulb sizes, with scales. The cones thus fall apart on the trees.

Differences between the most common species are easy to spot. However when less common individuals are encountered it does get hard. Beste clue is probably the size of the needles then.
Cedars come from Afrika (Atlas Ceder form Atlas mountains), middle-east (Cedar of Lebanon, form Turkey to Lebanon) and himalaya (Deodar Cedar).

The needles can be a clue finding out what species you are dealing with. Beneath a comparison of the needles of the three species. Always to the left the Deodara_cedar, in the middle the Atlas cedar (blue variant) and to the right the cedar_of_Lebanon. As you can see the needles of the Deodara_cedar are by far the longest, Atlas cedar has the shortest needles and the needles of the cedar of Lebanon are just a bit longer than the Atlas's.

summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3809himalaya_atlas_libanon_needles.jpg summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3810himalaya_atlas_libanon_needles.jpg summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3817himalaya_atlas_libanon_needles.jpg summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3819himalaya_atlas_libanon_needles.jpg summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3822himalaya_atlas_libanon_needles.jpg summer photograph Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3823himalaya_atlas_libanon.jpg

All species photographed.

Atlas cedar | Deodara cedar | Cedar of Lebanon

Atlascedar Cedrus_atlantica

summer photograph Atlasceder__Cedrus_atlantica__Atlas_cedarimg_6633.jpg summer photograph Atlasceder__Cedrus_atlantica__Atlas_cedarimg_2053.jpg summer photograph Atlasceder__Cedrus_atlantica__Atlas_cedarimg_6636naaldenneedles.jpg summer photograph Atlasceder__Cedrus_atlantica__Atlas_cedarimg_6637.jpg

Deodara_cedar Cedrus_deodara

summer photograph Himalaya_ceder__Cedrus_deodara__Deodara_cedarimg_2151.jpg summer photograph Himalaya_ceder__Cedrus_deodara__Deodara_cedarimg_3535.jpg summer photograph Himalaya_ceder__Cedrus_deodara__Deodara_cedarimg_3532.jpg summer photograph Himalaya_ceder__Cedrus_deodara__Deodara_cedarimg_4077.jpg

Cedar of Lebanon
bloemen Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3779.jpg bast Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3779.jpg naalden Libanon_ceder__Cedrus_libani__cedar_of_Lebanonimg_3779.jpg