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Holidays: Turkish trees.

In the spring 2005 we went on holiday in Turkey (Alanya, club paradiso). Gratefully there were a number of tree species to check out, or I would have been bored :-).
Firstly some species seen in the mountains on a landrover-safari, Unknow Juniper I think , Ceder, unknown, might be Lebanon , Turkish_black_pine ,

A number a typical Turkish trees: Turkey_oak , Turkish_pine (subspecies of black pine)

Also found some species you might find in other mediterranian coutries as well: Judas tree , St_Johns_Bread , Jacaranda , Silk_oak ,

Lastly some species found around the globe:: Blue_gum_tree (let me know if you know what kind this is), Broad_leaved_hickory , Empress_tree , Mimosa , River_she_oak (also seen in Portugal and Las-Vegas campinground near harbour), Kurrajong , Eastern_cottonwood (found everywhere), Italian_cypress (idem), Oriental_planetree (also seen in Wahington), White_mulberry (Even in Holland, also in Las vegas).
The Kurrajong tree I met the first time in Las Vegas, behind a casino. Cool t also find it in Turkey. Apparantly a number of species are used as ornamental trees around the globe.

Onderstaand een aantal features, en een lijst met soorten.

summer photograph Zijde_eik_Grevilla__Grevillea_robusta__Silk_oakimg_7627fruitvruchtwood.jpg Silk_oak

summer photograph Witte_moerbezie__Morus_alba__White_mulberryimg_7214.jpg White_mulberry

summer photograph Turkse_den__Pinus_brutia__Turkish_pineimg_7289.jpg Turkish_pine

summer photograph Pruim__Prunus_domestica__Plumimg_7148.jpg Plum

summer photograph Moseik_Turkse_eik__Quercus_cerris__Turkey_oakimg_7503.jpg Turkey_oak

summer photograph Mimosa__Acacia_dealbata__Mimosa_Silver_wattleimg_7598.jpg Mimosa

summer photograph Kurrajong__Brachychiton_populneus__Lacebark_kurrajongimg_7138bladleaf.jpg Kurrajong

summer photograph Krimden__Pinus_nigra_caramanica__Turkish_black_pineimg_7394.jpg Turkish_black_pine

summer photograph Amerikaanse_populier__Populus_deltoides__Eastern_cottonwoodimg_7470.jpg Eastern_cottonwood

summer photograph Jacaranda__ Jacaranda_mimosifolia__ Brazilian_rose_woodimg_7823.jpg Jacaranda

Brazilian_rose_wood Jacaranda_mimosifolia Jacaranda
Blue_gum_tree Eucalyptus_globulus Eucalyptus Foreign
Broad_leaved_hickory Acacia_falsiformis Breed_bladige_Mimosa
California_peppertree_Brazilian_peppertree Schinus_molle Peperboom
Carob_St_Johns_Bread Ceratonia_siliqua Johannesbroodboom
Cedar_Turkish_unknown Cedrus_spec Ceder_turkse_onbekend
Eastern_cottonwood Populus_deltoides Amerikaanse_populier
Empress_tree Paulownia_tomentosa Anna_Paulownaboom
Italian_cypress Cupressus_sempervirens Italiaanse_cypres
Judas_tree Cercis_siliquastrum Judasboom
Lacebark_kurrajong Brachychiton_populneus Kurrajong
Mimosa_Silver_wattle Acacia_dealbata Mimosa
Orchid_tree Bauhinia variegata Orchideeenboom
Oriental_arborvitae Thuja_orientalis Oosterse_levensboom
Oriental_planetree Platanus_orientalis Oosterse_plataan
Plum Prunus_domestica Pruim
River_she_oak Casuarina_cunninghamiana Tropische_rivier_eik Foreign
Silk_oak Grevillea_robusta Zijde_eik_Grevilla
Southern_catalpa Catalpa_bignonioides Trompetboom
Turkey_oak Quercus_cerris Moseik_Turkse_eik
Turkish_black_pine Pinus_nigra_caramanica Krimden
Turkish_pine Pinus_brutia Turkse_den
Unknown_juniper_turkish unknown Onbekende_jeneverbes_turks
Unknown_turkish_tree unknown Onbekende_kamerplant
White_mulberry Morus_alba Witte_moerbezie