Just beautiful photographs

This is the page featuring a single species. Photographs are presented per individual to make it possible to asses how much variation is possible between individuals within the species.

USA trees:

shot during my holiday in october 2004:

All photographs of Tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus). Special because it looks like an Oak but als a Chestnut and is in between these two families.

The place where trees were photographed might be at the end of the name of the tree images.

summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7169.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7170.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7171fruit.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7173.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7175.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7178blad.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7179.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7180blad.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7182.jpg summer photograph tanoak__lithocarpus_densiflorusimg_7183fruit.jpg